Web Content Management or WCM software, helps users manage content on a website. Popular WCM software are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

Non technical users can manage content on the website

WCM software often have simple interfaces, which can be used by non-technical users to add or update content on a website. Non technical users can manage the text, images, videos, documents and any other type of content on their website without any programming. The content is compiled at run time.

Supports Effortless Collaboration

Authors and Editors can easily collaborate using workflows, while adding or managing content on WCM platforms. Users can be given group based permissions and are restricted to the resources they are allowed to see. 

Separates content from design

WCM platforms separate content from design. The design is decided by themes or templates, whereas the content is stored separately in the database and compiled at runtime. This allows us to change the theme of the website without changing the content. There are thousands of themes and templates available for popular WCM platforms.

Security and Permissions

Popular WCM systems have robust security features and there are dozens of security plugins available. Permissions are granular and can be assigned to groups of users as well as individual users.

Advanced SEO

WCM like WordPress have advanced SEO features like SEO friendly URLs, metatags and others. Moreover, there are several plugins available which offer advanced SEO features to WCM platforms. Non technical users can easily optimize their content to be SEO friendly.

Community and Ecosystem

WCM platforms like WordPress have thousands of themes and plugins available. WCM like WordPress have active communities of developers who have created APIs and powerful integrations to extend the core features.

Affordable and easy to maintain

WCM based sites are easy to maintain and do not require technical skills. In the case of static sites, you would need to modify the code to maintain the content. This usually requires programmers and their time can be quite expensive. Authors using WCM software can focus on the content and not worry about programming the website.

So, if you are a small business owner or a professional looking for a website, you best bet is to get a WCM website running WordPress. This will be easy to manage, more effective and cost less money.

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